Custom Themes

Have your theme designed the way you want for $7.00 USD. Hidden docks, hideable banners & banner meters, custom fonts, wallpapers, personal color scheme etc. Custom themes will not be sold to the public, however iHeartMyBB reserves the right to distribute a generic, simple version of the custom design (i.e., basic hidden dock and weather slot) to the public for a cheaper price.*

*When providing  wallpapers to use in your order, be respectful and please make sure you have obtained permission from any developers you may be “borrowing” from. I will not use other devs images without their consent and I will verify you have contacted them if I recognize someone else’s work. If you would like to provide your own wallpapers, please make sure you send the correct image size for your device. If you’re not sure what size to send, email me for instructions.*

*Request for multi-color options (i.e., clock, date, ocd, etc) will be an extra charge due to the extensive amount of time needed for coding, testing and creating graphics. *

*Custom Icon sets will be an additional charge of $10 due to the amount of time it takes to create each icon set (total of 140 icons/focus icons) *

*PLEASE BE DETAILED IN YOUR THEME REQUEST. Constant changes  to the theme file can cause bugs due to the sensitivity of TB6, which can cause a theme to freeze your BlackBerry. This means the theme will have to be rebuilt from scratch, which is an additional charge. To avoid this, please be as detailed as possible if you know exactly how you would like your theme created.*

Custom Theme $7.00 USD

Custom Weather Skins

Have a custom weather skin created for use on BerryWeather/BeWeather for BlackBerry or Android devices. Custom skins will not be shared with the public. You will receive a zip file containing all graphics as well as an instant downloadable bwi file.

*Any images you provide should be at least 256×256 px. Anything smaller will degrade the look of the graphics and may not be used in the set. Email the images if you have questions.*

Custom Weather Skin $5.00

Custom BatteryEx Skins

Have a custom BatteryEx skins created for use on BatteryEx application for BlackBerry devices. Custom skins will not be shared with the public. You will receive a zip file containing all graphics as well. Please provide graphics at lease 64×64 px if you have a specific idea in mind.

Custom BatteryEx Skins $1.00

Custom Wallie Samples

Custom Wallpaper Bundle

3 Custom designed wallpapers for BlackBerry, iPhone or Android devices.

Custom Wallpaper Bundle $5.00

Single Custom Wallpaper $2.o0


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