HK Candy Stripes

HKCandyStripes 640x960 iPhone

HKCandyStripe 360x480 BlackBerry Torch

HKCandyStripes 640x480 BlackBerry

HelloKittyCandyStripes 480x360 BlackBerry



For My Giants Gals…

Hello Kitty NY Giants BlackBerry 480x360

Hello Kitty NY Giants 360x480

Pink Cosmo Premium Theme


Pink Cosmo 9800

Another custom theme for my Shawty. Thanks for letting me make this one public love! xoxo

ON SALE $.99

Pink Cosmo 9800 Download

Coach Pink Premium Theme

Coach Pink 9800

Home Screen

App Screen

A custom theme order I received approval for public sale. Thanks again Shawty! Love ya! :*

Simple hidden 5-mini icon dock and ocd, girly fonts, custom wallpapers and tons of pink!

Hidden dock (space/escape), Hidden Weather/OCD (+/-)

ON SALE, $1.49!!

Coach Pink 9800 Download

Coach Weather

Pink Coach Weather

Another Custom request made for Shawty.  Thanks for sharing love! Will be posting more colors soon as well 🙂

Pink Coach Weather BWI Download

Cocktail Weather

Cocktail Weather BWI


A BEAUTIFUL custom BWI made for one of my favorite customers, Shawty. Thanks for letting me share this with everyone! xoxo

Cocktail Weather BWI Download

Pill Weather!

Pill Weather BWI

An idea from one of my loves…thx Ani!! :*

Pill Weather BWI Download

Hello Kitty L’amour $1.99 Sale!

Hello Kitty Oh L'amour

Hello Kitty Oh L'amour Version 2 (bow clock)

Hello Kitty Oh L'amour Custom Icons

HK L'amour 9700 (bow clock)


This is a theme I made almost a year ago. I decided to lower the price for a while from $4.99 to $1.99. There are two versions, one with an HK bow in the clock, the other is a word clock with the numbers spelled out. The icons are all custom made HK icons and wallpapers are custom as well.  Hope you enjoy it.

HK Oh L’amour 9800 (Bow Clock) Download

 HK Oh L’amour 9800 (Word Clock) Download

HK Oh L’amour 9700 OS6 (Word Clock) Download

HK Oh L’amour 9700 OS5 (Word Clock) Download

HK Oh L’amour 9700 OS5 (Bow Clock) Download

Hello Kitty Leopard Weather Skin

Hello Kitty Leopard Weather Skin

A weather set I created for Pinkluvvr. Thanks so much for sharing with everyone!

Hello Kitty Leopard BWI Download

Hello Kitty Grey Weather Skin

Hello Kitty Grey Weather Skin

An uber cute HK weather skin I created for Kristi aka @garbagefairy. Thank you for sharing! xoxo

Hello Kitty Grey BWI Download